Firstly we have a registration form that needs to be completed which gives us a good indication of your dogs character and needs. We will then organise to have a home visit or have a trial day. From then on we careful watch how the dogs interact with one another and group only the best of friends together!!

Yes. Both on the walks and at home during day care there is always a team member watching over the dogs. On the runs we never exceed the ratio of 4 dogs to 1 team member.

No, this isn’t necessary. The majority of our clients leave a key with us. This allows you to get on with your busy day and we can focus on the dog duties! The only people handling your keys are long standing members of Milo’s Dog Running.

We specialise in high intensity running programmes with your dog however we also offer a variety of other services from one on one walks, group walks, day care & boarding

Yes. We’re super proud to have bought a number of pups through our ranks. We believe that socialising your dog at an early age is essential for their development and have a programme specifically for puppies.  

You’d be surprise how capable the smaller dogs are on the morning runs, however if you feel your dog isn’t up for running, we have a walker who comes out each morning along with a other walking times throughout the day.

Our regular regime doesn’t happen on the weekends or bank holidays, however upon request there may be availability for boarding and daycare.

We absolutely have a boarding service! This cannot be booked online, but instead needs to be done via email or phone. Milo’s Dog Running is all about a home from a home. We don’t believe in kennels or crates but instead all our dogs have the choice of sofas, rugs and dog beds.

Have you seen us on the road? Milo’s Dog Running has a purpose dog van that is regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure maximum safety.

Our team members have a basic training qualification and years of experience around dogs, however we do not offer specific training regimes. We believe that a lot of bad behaviour traits are down to poor nutrition and a lack of exercise and we have helped put many naughty pups back on the right track!

If you have any further, more specific questions please get in touch by emailing milo@milosdogrunning.co.uk