Meet The Team

Milo Royds

Position – Owner
Favourite Dog – Rhodesian Ridgeback
If Milo was a dog – Golden Retriever


Milo’s been bought up around rescue dogs all his life having and not so long ago adopted a ridgeback called Nefe. This upbringing has made Milo incredibly passionate about providing dogs with the care they need. So passionate that Milo decided he wanted to work with these animals.
Three years ago, Milo saw that many London dogs weren’t receiving the level of exercise they required and being an enthusiastic runner, he decide to set up Milo’s Dog Running. To this Day Milo is just as keen on his running but even more passionate on his dogs and is on a mission to educate owners on how to correctly care for their dogs.

Milo holds the company Morning Run record in 26 minutes and 35 seconds and we challenge you to beat him! There’s a free dog run up for grabs if you do!

Oliver Plummer

Position – Runner & Marketing
Favourite Dog – Leonberger
If Oli was a Dog – Visla


Oli has always had a dog in the family and recently became the proud owner of a French Bulldog called Harley.
At school he was a keen runner and has since gone on to compete in a handful of races and marathons. It was only a matter of time until Oli was to combine the two loves of his life. Dogs & Running!
Oli is our number 1 runner and has built up quite the fitness! Good job as on a typical day, he’ll cover 30km!

Deb Royds

Position: Walker & Day Care Manager
Favourite Dog – Mongrel
If Deb was a Dog – Border Collie 


Deb has been fundamental in the set up of Milo’s Dog Running. Being the mother of Milo she’s played a part in both Milo’s love for dogs as well as Milo’s love for the outdoors.

Having grown up in Australia, Deb was always out in the wilderness with her pet dogs. Since coming over to the UK she has rescued 2 dogs, Beans & Florence.

I’m not sure you could find many people who love dogs as much as Deb and that’s exactly why she’s part of the team. Debs running days are a little behind her now but she leads our walking group at 6.45am & 12pm everyday.

Will Louis

Position: Runner
Favourite Dog – German Shepherd
If Will was a Dog – Whippet


Will is are latest recruit to join the team  and boy are we lucky to have him.

Without a dog of his own; Will gets his much needed canine fix out on Wimbledon common and he certainly proves that if he was a dog, he’d be a whippet. Will’s known to be able to out sprint some of the dogs making him the perfect man to vary up the dogs running routine.

Will and Milo go way back having known each other for over 10 years from their early school days at Bradfield.

With a love of the outdoor, keeping fit and most importantly dogs, there is no better way for Will to start the day than smashing the early morning runs with the pack!

Emanuele Grespan

Position: Walker
Favourite Dog – Lucas Terrier
If Emanuele was a Dog – Husky


Manuel has been part of the team for over a year now and joins Deb on the 12pm Adventure Walk.

Manuel has always loved dogs but never owned a dog himself until recently taking home the cutest Lucas Terrier. Apparently he just couldn’t resist any longer spending every day with dogs that weren’t his.

Look out for Manuel’s big smile along the Thames everyday at Noon!



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